Dr. Basudeb Bhatta


Long back, during my adolescence, I used to dream of becoming an author; an author of novels, not of textbooks. My first publication in printed form was a poem in my school magazine, when I was in class IX (a student of ninth standard, in Alipurduar Junction Railway Higher Secondary School). One can’t imagine my excitement in seeing my first writing published. That very day perhaps, I decided to become a poet cum novelist. In that journey, I published several poems, articles and short stories; most of them are still carefully kept in safe-custody. Their immature quality holds me back from putting them online on this website.

My father, however, dreamt of making me an engineer. My studies were directed accordingly and eventually I became a mechanical engineer. Thank God, I didn’t have to work for long in industrial plants or factories and before long I could find a place of comfort at Jadavpur University. This great University, where I still work, has given me opportunities and provided me with facilities to write on scientific and technical issues that interest me. Although these writings were primarily meant for local magazines and newspapers, this very act of technical writing eventually transformed me into a recognized textbook writer.

I completed writing of my first textbook on Remote Sensing and GIS, when I was still to begin my postgraduate study. This fact itself put me in great difficulty in getting my first book published. There hardly was any publisher interested in accepting a technical manuscript from a fellow so unqualified as I was at that time and I had to keep on knocking the doors of the publishers without being able to convince any of them. Then, one lucky day, I turned up at the door of Oxford University Press. Being satisfied with the quality of the book, they readily agreed to publish it internationally. And, saying goodbye to my old dream of becoming a poet-novelist, I thus became a textbook author.

Although I have authored several monographs and research articles that are internationally recognized, writing a textbook always fascinate me. While writing a textbook, I can feel the pride of doing something for the student community at large.